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Walk With Me

Imagine walking through a city and hearing the sounds around you change as you move. From one spot to the next the sounds differ; but as you approach a spot, or distance yourself from it, the character of what you hear shifts. Noise of traffic on a nearby road assumes a cloak of distortion; or somehow appears to be set in a dome of varying size with a reverb to match. You may become aware of sounds that do not belong to the place, but seem to harmonize with its sonic manifestations.

Your perception and experience of the area, regardless of how mundane or exceptional it is, changes with the modification of its sounds. At least, that is one of the things we aim for in our sound processing app, written for iPhones fitted with earpieces. Walk With Me blurs the boundaries between installation and composition.

With the app 'Walk With Me' site-specific topographic compositions can be performed with the use of a smartphone. Technological developments have opened up possibilities to create compositions that are shaped into unique and personal electronic realtime musical experiences connected to a specific geographical area by the audience through the use of smartphones. In this app the integrated use of GPS-triggered non-linear composition and realtime Digital Sound Processing (DSP) of environmental sounds, elements that are here combined for the first time, creates a soundscape in public spaces.

This soundscape changes for the individual listeners wearing earpieces with their movements around the area, and with chance events occurring in the area for which the app has been devised.

experience topographic compositions

app for Iphone by Strijbos & Van Rijswijk, download for free:

available on the app store




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