Ballad of the Rising Sun

concert featuring Japanes vocalist Yuka Kawabe, Ries Doms (The Kick) & Westland MenChoir, directed by Jan Doms (photo's by Martin Stoop)

The story of the ‘Ballad of the Rising Sun’ is to be told by the means of a sequense of songs.
The focus is fixed at a person during the daily train trip from the hometown towards a working town, including the moment the character is engrassed in daily routine at the working space.
The story describes the perspective of the ‘labourer’ who is step by step shaped into a real person of flesh and blood, with private thoughts and adventures and holding a specific position in the surrounding world.
The ballad is a modest ode to everybody who’s only destiny is hard labour in order to follow the path of life.

The ‘Ballad of the rising song’ is staged at a glasshouse in Monster, Westland The Netherlands.